Berkshire Pork

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Farmer Favorites

$82 approx 9 lbs

Products that make for easy meals

Approx. 9 lbs of Berkshire Pork and Chicken

• Sicilian Chicken Sausage
• Pork Cottage Bacon
• Ground Pork
• Bratwurst Pork Sausages
• Farmer Pork Patties
• Pork Stir Fry
• Pork Ham Nuggets
• (different cuts of similar value if unavailable)

Do you ever wonder what our favorite products are to cook at home? Well here they are! With two little kids at home and all of our farm animals to feed, we love products that make for easy meals.

Zinn Farms animals are raised free-range with on-farm milled feed with NO preventative antibiotics, growth hormones, animal proteins, or GMO grains.

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